Body & Massage

Deep tissue massage. A type of massage that helps with chronic pain in the deeper layers of the muscles. The strokes used are slower and the pressure applied to muscles is much deeper than other kinds of massage. Deep tissue massage is ideal for relieving pain and soreness in tight muscles.

Sports massage. Incorporating sports massage into your training programme has a positive impact on your physical and psychological performance. Diff t techniques are used depending upon pre or post event massage, which will aim to increase local circulation and stretch the tissues or will have deeper and slower moves to prevent stiff ess and fatigue.

Relaxation massage. Relax and revitalise your mind and body with this soothing and soul escaping massage using gentle and fl g movements infl ced by world famous Swedish style massages.

30 min. $60
45 min. $75
60 min. $90
75 min. $115
90 min. $130
Refl massage. This therapy brings your whole body into balance. The body’s nervous system is stimulated by pressure and massage on the refl points of your feet. Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced from within.

Lymphatic massage. This is a special type of massage that reduces swelling and fl caught in a particular area. This is a gentle massage with slow and rhythmic movements so the lymph vessels open up.

45 min. $75
60 min. $90

Hot stone massage. A hot stone massage off some relaxing time for your mind and does wonders in releasing muscular tension. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.
Indian head massage. The focus is to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp and face using massage and acupressure techniques. Helps to prevent migraines and headaches and relieves symptoms of anxiety and nervousness.

60 min. $95
90 min. $135

+ If you are pregnant or trying please let us know at time
of booking. Some massage therapies are not suitable while you’re expecting.

Coffee body scrub.

Renew your senses and rejuvenate your skin with this enriching scrub that removes
dead skin and encourages skin regeneration, leaving your skin feeling polished and moisturised. Includes a nourishing body balm application.

Vanilla sugar body polish.

Nourish and hydrate your skin, with warming vanilla to help stimulate and retain moisture levels in the skin. The rich oils of raw sugar allow your skin to glow and stay hydrated longer. Includes a nourishing body balm application.

Clay body wrap.

Restore, detoxify and revitalise your skin with a warm clay mask from head to toe. Start with a stimulating and circulation boosting brush exfoliation and finish with a nourishing body balm application. Includes a scalp or foot massage.

60 min. $95
90 min. $135

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