Facial + gentle peel. Enzyme peels are the most popular non invasive treatment with a big impact. Boost
your facial with AHA’s, BHA’s and fruit enzymes for a superior exfoliation and extra rejuvenation. Your skin will feel clearer, smoother and deeply hydrated.
1 treatment. 65 min. $135 Course of 6 at 2 week intervals. $675

Facial + microdermabrasion. An advanced skin resurfacing using diamond crystals and light therapy to combat roughness, dead skin build up, lighten sundamage and hyper pigmentation and improve hydration, fine lines, wrinkles, post acne scaring and pore size.
1 treatment. 65 min. $135 Course of 6 at 2 week intervals. $675

Facial + microdermabrasion + gentle peel.
A double action mechanical and enzymatic facial provides deeper skin resurfacing for ageing, thick, problem, oily and congested skin. The combination of micro and a gentle peel treatment will allow your skin to refine the surface whilst strengthening and rebuilding the deeper layers.
1 treatment. 75 min. $150 Course of 6 at 2 week intervals. $750
Microdermabrasion. An advanced refining treatment for the face, neck and décolletage to help reduce thickened and damaged skin, post acne scaring, pore size and pigmentation.
1 treatment. 35 min. $90 Course of 6 at 2 week intervals. $450

Clinical peel + cellular repair treatment. This cosmeceutical treatment delivers dramatic changes in your skin, using the finest of clinical tested and proven combination of AHA and BHA acids. Designed specifically to reverse ageing, hyper and dermal pigmentation and congestion or to maintain skin health.
1 treatment. 40 min. $120 Course of 6 at 2 week intervals. $575

Advanced skin consultations + assessment. Using a diagnostic Wood’s Lamp and expert skin analysis, your skin therapist will cleanse and accurately diagnose your skin, looking at your current skin concerns as well as detecting any future concerns before they surface.
30 min. $40



Age corrective facial. An anti-ageing treatment designed to provide immediate results. Excellent for ageing skin types needing to feel lifted, less wrinkled and firmer.

Age prevention facial. Pumped full of powerful antioxidants, this facial is designed to nourish, balance and protect. For skin types that are looking for a glowing skin and protection against lines, wrinkles and loss of skin tone.

Deep cleansing facial. The ultimate skin clarifying facial for removing impurities and increase stagnant blood circulation that causes bad bacteria. Perfect for an oily and combination skin that is feeling heavy, clogged pores and toxic or suff congestion and acne

Bright skin facial. An extremely eff lightening treatment that, reduces discolouration, hyper and dermal pigmentation and evens out skin tone. Excellent for renewing dull and darkened skin.

Calm skin facial. A delicate facial treatment for hyper sensitive and reactive prone skin, including redness and infl . Ideally for fragile skin needing hydration and strengthening.
1 treatment. 60 min. $100
1 treatment. 30 min. $70

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